Sunday, March 3, 2013

As random as X X X X

Wow, and it's 3 months into 2013 already. And so much has changed.
 This site which I used to frequent almost everyday, has now become a forgotten place where I visit once in months.

I've been so caught up with the happenings everyday, trying to fulfill my duties as a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee. Living my life in a blur, and I wonder one day, will I look back with any regret?

So far, 2013 is far lot better than 2012. I am so glad I moved on for the better. I do not want to be stuck in a small little well living in my small little world, struggling with ignorant people, fighting about small little things they think they know. The road ahead might be rocky, but a little wounds from the fall is better than forever being in a dark shady place.

January, I spent nearly 2 weeks traveling taiwan with the family. That was the best time spent with loved ones in a long long time.

February, half the month flew by in celebration of CNY and preparations of a big campagin coming up at work.

Yes, 2013 will be better and better.

Even till now, I believe the best in people. I believe that everyone behaves the way they do, and is the way they are now, because of things that had happened in the past, hence moulding them into who they are now.

So, we shan't judge.

I gotta admit, as each day passes, the age is kinda creeping up on me.Yes, 26 may still be generally young, yet there was once a time when I thought 26 is so old. I do wonder, what will I be 3 years down the road? There is no time to waste anymore, so should I just give the best I ca, and grasp every possible opportunity without giving a care?

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts... all jumbled up in this little brain of mine...

Anyways, I am still thankful, for I am happier now.


Friday, November 23, 2012


Well, it seems like the only time I have to blog is once in a blue blue moon. On solitary moments like this, I really take joy in thinking about nothing at all, letting the heart beat at a normal pace, slacking in bed with a laptop infront of me, listening to my fave tunes on the radio... When you've been on a super high alert mode for every single waking moment for many consecutive days, you will know what I mean.

Which leads to a kind of high when I went tragus piercing with Max!

Ouch, you think? Not at all! I went to B*dazzle and it costs about $45 for a pair of normal sterilized studs. I have no idea how much tragus piercing costs at those traditional jewellery shops where I get my lobe piercings (which only cost less than $10 I think), but I thought I better not save on things involving something going through me!

And it was done in a second, without hurting at all! I merely felt something pressing against my ear! 

However, in less than a week, the stud came off when I was washing my hair one night! After bathing I tried to put it back, but I just couldn't locate the hole. By the time I went back to another B*Dazzle outlet the next day, they said the soft bone had already sealed. UPSET. Worse thing is, they refuse to pierce for me again without charges!

The only reason why the stud came off so easily was because the staff used the rubber backing instead of metal backing. Which is stupid, considering it will come off so easily, and we cannot remove the stud for at least 6 weeks.

So I went back to the original B*Dazzle again and they FINALLY pierced for me again. After much trauma. Definitely my last ever piercing. Nonetheless, I love the twin tragus piercing with Max! 
Lesson learnt: Use metal backing!

Hung out with Chris & Dee at Wa Bar, Tanjong Pagar for dinner & drinks before heading to PLAY! It was my first time at PLAY and OMG it was such a fun & eye-opening experience!! LOL As to what happened .... hahah

Celebrated the birthdays of one of my fave people in the whole wide world few weekends ago! To the Chens, the best cousins who can have, I wish you guys were my siblings, though it doesn't make much difference cos we are already close like one now! 
To growing up together, learning and laughing together! To many more birthdays together! <3

And here's Mas's super cute & smiley baby.. Congrats!


I signed the last paper today. And in a few more weeks, real liberty.

"Sam: Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing?
Charlie: We accept the love we think we deserve." 

- The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Monday, October 22, 2012

/ Everybody loves sale /

If you haven't already heard...

It's Shiseido Sale again this coming Wed & Thurs!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday in the East!

<Yum event at Big Splash>
Where else can you spot this old school Milo truck (which serves the best iced Milo btw) and Dunking Tank game?!

Mani + Pedi session @ Parkway Parade

Our happy, pretty feet.

I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing all the cuticles and calluses being cut and buffed off.

The streets of Katong.

High tea @ Gastronomia, 112 Katong.

Cycling @ East Coast Park!

10 minutes into cycling, it had to rain cats and dogs. We were TOTALLY drenched!
But it is still fun to get your hair wet and clothes soaked to the core once in a while!

Dinner @ Old Airport Road!
Chomp Chomp is still better though!


Tanjong Beach !!!

I think the last time I'd been to the Sentosa beach was probably more than 5 years ago when I was in poly. Since then, I've been avoiding the place cos suntanning is definitely not on my list of fave pastimes! 

Also, after having been to beautiful beaches like Redang, I don't think I'd ever want to go to Sentosa beach.
But then, since Timo, the birthday boy wanted to head to Tanjong Beach last Sat for a day of healthy good ol' fun, I gladly obliged.

So here's Tanjong Beach on a fine Saturday morning! Pure awesomeness, I must say! :)

We were one of the early birds there, so we got to snag a pretty good spot under a shade. We saw a lot of Caucasians walking dogs there! So many different breeds of dogs running around, playing with water!

帕饿死, so this was the amount of food we brought there. HAHA.

The gals say hi!! We were hiding under the shade while Timo laid under the sun!

Friends for nearly a decade! <3

Dee & YS!

Dee & me prancing around while YS pours (yeah, study!!!) over her Korean notes.

I gotta say, the weather couldn't have been better. I heard it was raining heavily in other parts of Singapore, but in Sentosa, it was just cool and windy, accompanied by like, 3 minutes of drizzle or something. No hot, scorching sun and oven-like kind of heat! Puuurrfecttt!!

Hahah, I really like this shot.

So what we did was lie around, gossip, eat, reminisce, made more Tanjong Beach plans, played competitive Monopoly Deal, played Frisbee, built sexy woman with the sand, played with seawater, and had our camwhore moments!

Then we decided to pack up and head to Tanjong Beach Club to chill over cocktails and celebrate Timo's birthday!

Banana walnut ice cream cake!

Gotta love life, keke.

They had this mini infinity pool there too!

And just like this, 6 hours flew by. Though we were basically doing nothing, all of us were dead tired and super hungry. So we head to Kho Kho Nara at Tanjong Pagar for authentic and cheap Korean food!

They seriously serve the BEST Korean food! Agreed by half Korean YS, hahaha. And it's not expensive at all! We were very full at the end of it, and the bill was only $100 shared amongst the 4 of us!

Next, chilling at Korean Wa Club over a bottle of beer. Again, what are the 2 girls doing??!!

Fabulous Saturday!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sister's married!!

20 September 2012. After so many months of preparations, sister's wedding day finally arrived!! We were all just as excited as her, and I couldn't believe that 2 weeks had already passed!

 And so we woke up at 6am and started preparing for the long day ahead!

Here are her wonderful sisters who put in so much effort for the gatecrashing. They are really wonderful friends!

Her makeup artist was quite good! Love her hairdo especially! Family shot!

Alone in the room with her while the gatecrashing ceremony takes place..

With pretty momsie

Thing with modern technology is.. even without being there, we can watch through Skype!

And groom successfully passes through and kisses the bride!

Ta-da, and off they go to the groom's house!

The gorgeous bouquet

Back for tea ceremony at bride's place. Second outfit!

The stars of the day

The family and our latest member!

After that, to the hotel around 2pm.

Holiday Inn Atrium was really kind to upgrade their suite!

Here we are, me and younger sis, with our daddy! In here doing rehearsal cos me and sis are the emcees!

My fave cousins!

The couple with sister's primary school friends.

Ladies in the family

Longest friends. This is so funny. haha


The finally solitary moment away from everyone else, just the 3 sisters in the hotel room before sister makes her grand appearance of the night! Love you always!

Avee, Alivia, me and Rosental!

Halfway thru the dinner, the toasting ceremony

And after the dinner, it was the closest people cam-whoring, wishing the night wouldn't end so soon!

And as I type, the newly wed are enjoying themselves in Jeju Island now!! Once again, congrats sis & Ding Ding! Wishing you guys eternal happiness!


I know I've been away from here for SO LONG. I've started my new job; it's not easy and it's taking up all the energy I have, which explains why I do not really have time for anything else.

And all the pictures and the lack of words in this post is because my brain simply refuse to work right now, and I'm thinking of napping the afternoon away on this cool, lazy Sunday afternoon.. 

I shall reblog sister's wedding again when the professional pictures are out! :D


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